What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a common eye condition that occurs as people age. It is triggered by a loss of elasticity in the eye’s natural lens, which makes it difficult for the eye to focus on close objects. Symptoms include difficulty reading small print or performing close-up tasks, eye strain and headaches.

The first step in diagnosing presbyopia is to have a comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist. During the exam, the practitioner will test your vision, assess your eye health and check the ability of the eye to focus on close objects.

Adequate optical frames and contact lenses are the most common treatment for presbyopia. Multifocals or progressive lenses, which have two or more prescriptions in one lens, can be used to correct both near and far vision.

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It’s important to note that presbyopia is a normal part of aging and cannot be prevented. However, regular eye exams, and early diagnosis and treatment can help improve vision and quality of life. For guidance, do visit our store for a consultation from our trained eye care specialists or simply request an appointment!