Dangers of Blue Light

Many studies have been done on the effects of blue light on our bodies. One of the main effects is suppression of melatonin production. Melatonin is an important hormone for sleep pattern regulation with increased levels at night.

The use of blue light emitting devices (digital screens) lowers melatonin production which in turn keeps the brain more alert and not able to ‘switch off’ for a good nights rest.

It has been found that people using digital devices before sleeping, take longer to wake up and are sleepier during the day. There is no current proof that blue light affects the retina. Thinking is however shifting and it is felt that long term exposure to blue light might assist harmful processes to the retina which in turn could lead to macula degeneration.

Blue light filtering coatings are available for all spectacle lenses. When used, whilst on digital devices, they can help prevent possible harmful retinal changes from exposure to blue light and help in maintaining a more normal sleeping rhythm.